Tivaclean Electrocleaner Electroplating Jewelry

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Tivaclean is an all purpose cleaning concentrate used to clean both metal and plastic. Tivaclean is used to insure the removal of all polishing rouge, oil, grease, finger prints, etc. on finished products, when stripping is not necessary. Articles to be plated must be thoroughly cleaned before plating. You may use it hot or cold in an ultrasonic cleaning tank or electrocleaning tank. Krohn's Tivaclean is non-caustic with a pH of 9-10 in solution and contains a bio catalyst to ensure biodegradability and eliminates the need to use toxic chlorinated solvents.

  • Product size 4.2" X 3.6" X 3.3" Inches (108 X 92 X 82mm)
  • Contains 1 lb
  • Tivaclean also contains anti-foaming agents for low suds
  • Has deodorant to suppress the odor
  • Tivaclean can be used at room temperature
  • Heating the solution to a temperature between 160º and 180º F enhances the performance
  • Product weight 1lb 0.9oz
  • Made in USA