Universal Portable Swivel Vise 3 Inch with Vacu-Base and Rubber Jaws

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Most likely your strong large vises are bolted to a workbench or table and your small weaker vises are portable but can't hold up to the tough jobs. We have a solution for this problem, the Vacu-Vise. This 3" portable vise will clamp to any smooth surface and allows full 360 degree rotation of your work piece. This vise offers you features not commonly seen together in one vise. It is completely portable, attaches instantly to any smooth, non-porous surface with strong vacuum suction. The large 3" (76 mm), V-grooved, iron jaws open to 2.5" (70 mm) with precision screw action to hold your pieces securely. Universal ball joint rotates vise to any desired working angle and can easily be locked into place. It also includes a set of protective rubber jaws for working on jewelry, watches or any other delicate surfaces. This vise will come in handy for any craftsman.

  • 3" (76mm) V-grooved iron jaws open to 3" or 76mm
  • Includes set of rubber jaws to protect work pieces
  • The head swivels 360 degrees in any direction and can be angled up to 45 degrees
  • Vacuum suction base attaches to any smooth non-porous surface with the pull of a handle
  • Portable vise is great for work and home, allows use on many surfaces and places