Watch Band Measuring Gauge + Strap Sizing Tool 6 to 24mm

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This handy gauge measures the outside of watch straps, plus the "lug" measurement, which is the space where the strap attaches to the case with a spring bar usually. Gauge reads in millimeters (mm), the size range is 6mm to 24mm, which covers the most common watch band and strap sizes seen today. The gauge is composed of 2 parts connected together using a folding design to fit all the popular sizes of watch bands in a compact tool. The gauge allows internal and external measurements, so you can slide the band into the gauge or hold the gauge up to the band or lugs and measure at any point necessary making measuring bands quick and easy. The mm sizes are clearly marked for every size on the gauge.

  • Watch band strap and lug gauge made of plastic
  • Made in 2 parts with a folding design
  • Features most common band sizes 6mm-24mm
  • Compact tool measures just 5" x 1-1/4" inches
  • Allows internal and external measurements for quick and easy readings
  • Reads in millimeters (mm)

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