Watch Band Pin 1.80mm Regular Double Flanged Stainless Steel Spring Bars Package of 10

Watch Band Pin 1.80mm Regular Double Flanged Stainless Steel Spring Bars Package of 10
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These are the 1.80 mm Double Shoulder stainless steel spring bars. Each size spring bar is sold in a set of 10, allowing you to decide the size of the replacement spring bar you need. Select the size you need from the drop down menu above.

Note: Sizes are determined by the compressed length of the spring bar. Sizes are approximate as measurements may vary slightly by gauge.

  • Come in packages of 10
  • Stainless steel spring bars
  • Double flanged
  • 1.80mm regular diameter
  • Come in 24 different lengths: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, 24mm, 25mm, 26mm, 27mm, 28mm, 29mm, 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 36mm and 38mm
Part Number Fits Lug Width Compressed Length Overall Length Body Length Tip Diameter
82.2088 8mm 8.6mm 10.0mm 5.3mm .80mm
82.2108 10mm 9.9mm 12.0mm 7.0mm .80mm
82.2118 11mm 11.1mm 13.4mm 8.3mm .80mm
82.2128 12mm 11.7mm 14.3mm 8.6mm .80mm
82.2138 13mm 12.8mm 15.8mm 9.8mm .80mm
82.2148 14mm 13.7mm 16.4mm 10.6mm .80mm
82.2158 15mm 14.7mm 17.3mm 11.5mm .80mm
82.2168 16mm 15.7mm 19.0mm 12.5mm .80mm
82.2178 17mm 16.8mm 20.0mm 13.6mm .80mm
82.2188 18mm 17.8mm 21.0mm 14.6mm .80mm
82.2198 19mm 18.8mm 22.1mm 15.6mm .80mm
82.2208 20mm 19.8mm 23.0mm 16.7mm .80mm
82.2218 21mm 20.9mm 24.0mm 17.6mm .80mm
82.2228 22mm 21.8mm 24.9mm 18.7mm .80mm
82.2238 23mm 22.8mm 26.0mm 19.6mm .80mm
82.2248 24mm 23.8mm 27.0mm 20.6mm .80mm
82.2258 25mm 24.9mm 28.3mm 21.8mm .80mm
82.2268 26mm 25.8mm 28.9mm 22.6mm .80mm
82.2278 27mm 27.0mm 30.5mm 24.0mm .80mm
82.2288 28mm 27.8mm 31.2mm 24.6mm .80mm
82.2298 29mm 28.8mm 31.8mm 25.6mm .80mm
82.2308 30mm 29.8mm 33.0mm 26.6mm .80mm
82.2328 32mm 31.2mm 34.6mm 28.2mm .80mm
82.2338 33mm 33.0mm 36.1mm 29.8mm .80mm
82.2348 34mm 33.8mm 36.8mm 30.6mm .80mm
82.2358 35mm 35.0mm 37.9mm 31.8mm .80mm
82.2368 36mm 35.8mm 39.0mm 32.6mm .80mm
82.2388 38mm 38.1mm 41.3mm 34.8mm .80mm
82.2398 39mm 38.8mm 42.0mm 35.6mm .80mm
82.2408 40mm 39.7mm 43.0mm 36.6mm .80mm
82.2458 45mm 45.0mm 48.0mm 41.7mm .80mm