Watch Battery Size Selector Disc

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This convenient tool accurately identifies watch button cell batteries by size. There are openings for a full range of silver-oxide and lithium button cells. Each watch battery stock number is clearly printed on the plastic making it easy to order your replacement cell.  Now, you don't have to throw away your watch or electronic device when your button cell numbers are worn or missing because with the Battery Selector you still have a way to correctly identify and replace them using the exact size.


  • One new Battery Selector
  • Hold and see the actual battery number to size in your hand
  • Access the selector from either side
  • Durable heavy plastic will last for years
  • Overall size 5.75" inches (144mm)

To use the Battery Selector:

  1. Remove your old battery from the watch or device
  2. Simply slide the battery into the slot to match the correct size (diameter and height)
  3. Read the printed battery number on the gauge
  4. Order the correct battery size on