Watch Case Press Horotec Micropress V2

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This Precision Horotec tool was made for closing snap back watch cases. Smaller and more compressed than the traditional Case Press, this Micropress takes up less space on your work bench without losing any of the leverage provided by a press. It comes with nine screw-on double sided nylon dies to accommodate many different sized watch cases. The nylon design keeps the dies from scratching or marring the surface of the watch case.

  • Made of steel and aluminum
  • Includes nine double sided nylon dies (with brass screw on centers)
  • Die sizes included: 17, 19/21, 22/25, 26/29, 30/33, 34/37, 38/41, 42/45, 45mm universal die
  • Press can fit dies up to 52mm in diameter
  • Maximum opening between two cupped dies is about 29mm
  • Dimensions of Press: 80mm (3.2") W x 60mm (2.4") D x 135mm (5.3") H
  • French made