Watch Crystal Fitting Tool Kit Crystal Replacement Set

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This is a new watch crystal fitting tool kit that will help you replace your watch crystal. The kit is designed for PHD and WEC style compression crystals which are made of plastic, but will work on many other compression style plastic crystals as well. The tools included were chosen by our experts who have been working on watches for decades. In this kit you will find everything you need to get your watch crystal chosen, measured, set, and fit. This kit can save you real money because you likely will not have to pay to have your watch replaced or repaired by a professional watchmaker. Fitting watch crystals takes only minutes and can allow you to complete repair work on your own timepiece. By adding just a few additional tools, you can greatly expand your watch repair capabilities for watch band replacement and adjustment, battery replacement and more.

Buying this kit will save you money over purchasing each item individually!


  • Watch Case Back and Crystal Press 59.0794
  • Millimeter gauge 35.156
  • Watch Crystal Adhesive Glue 12.205
  • Selvyt cloth 17.080
  • Crystal Lift 2-part tool 59.102
  • Sanding stick 11.345

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