Watch Dial Feet Milling Tool

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This tool lets you easily replace broken or missing dial feet on your watch! It precisely mills the dial so you can place a new dial foot flush to the dial and comes with everything you need. Tool includes superglue, 2 watch movement holders for men's and ladies' sizes, and 100 dial feet in assorted sizes. 

  • Watch dial milling tool for dial feet
  • Mills a perfect 2.5mm indent for dial foot to sit flush
  • Includes 2 movement holders (can be used to hold only dials as well)
  • Super glue for a secure hold - no soldering necessary
  • 100 dial feet included (2.5mm head diameter, 3.0mm length)
  • 20 pieces each of feet post diameter: 64, 69, 74, 79, and 94mm

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