Watch Face Dials Assortment

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This uniquely mixed lot of modern and vintage watch dials is perfect for custom watch projects and jewelry making.  Unique mixture of dials can be used for watch dial replacement, making steampunk jewelry designs, cuff links, necklaces, or even for specialty crafts like scrap booking or industrial art. No two kits are alike, each contains approximately a total of 23 - 25 watch face dials. Most kits include at least one set of duplicates, which are great for creating matching sets of earrings or cuff links. What are watch dials? - The face of a watch is referred to as a dial, it’s located underneath the watch crystal, watch hands are placed above a watches dial to indicate the time.

  • Approximately 23 - 25 pieces included per lot. 
  • Dials colors vary within each kit, which may contain: white tone, gold tone, black, or unique colored designs.
  • Dials vary in the way they are marked, some are Roman, Arabic, or stick style with no numeral indicator.
  • Dials vary in size and shape.
  • Dials are wrapped in protective tissue paper.  Duplicates are often wrapped together as a pair.