Watch Gasket Replacement Tool Kit includes Gaskets

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This new watch gasket replacement took kit that will help you keep water out of your watch. Have you seen water on the inside  of your watch? Or condensation building under the crystal? It is always recommended that you change the gasket when you are replacing a watch battery or doing service work on watches. This kit can save your real money because you likely will not have to pay to have your watch replaced or repaired by a watchmaker. Changing a watch gasket takes only minutes and can save your valuable timepiece from major damage.

Buying this kit will save money over from purchasing each item individually!


  • Silicone Sealant/Lubricant 42.0348
  • Tweezers 57.0653
  • Magnifier Loupe  29.0624
  • Millimeter Gauge 35.175
  • Watch Gasket Assortment 84.052


Measure and find the appropriate replacement watch gasket. Apply a light amount of the silicone sealant to the watch gasket with the easy to cover gasket container and slide the cover back and forth over the watch gasket. Make sure the watch gasket is a good fit and tighten the watch back, battery cover, or other gasket location.

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