Watch Mainspring Winder Set of 10 Winders

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This new mainspring winder set includes 10 winders (drum and arbors) all labeled with the calibre number and one mini handle all supplied in a nice foam padded plastic box. Also included is a nicely finished metal storage plate, labeled with all the calibre numbers and has non slip feet for your bench.  Calibres included are : 2000, 2671, 2235, 8200, 8500-1, 8500-2, 3135/2824, C07111, 7750, and 2892/2836.

  • 10 piece mainspring winder set with one handle
  • Drums and arbors clearly labeled with calibre number
  • Convenient storage box

Looking for a replacement mainspring for your watch but cannot find it on our website? Email us for cost and availability and we may have it for you.

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