Watch Opener Suction Type Watch Case Opener

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This tool is a new take on the classic method of opening a screwback or waterproof watch. Using suction, this tool allows you to remove regular watch backs with ease, and waterproof watch backs once the back has been slightly loosened. The rubber tip will not scratch cases or crystals, making it the perfect way to remove watch backs safely. Simply place the tool above the watch back, press down and begin to twist. The twisting motion applies suction to case and unscrews the back allowing to you easily lift the back off the watch.

  • Uses suction to remove a watch back or crystal without marring the surface
  • Push the tool down and twist to apply suction and remove the watch back
  • Rubber tip creates suction and prevents marring
  • Product size 4.2" X 1.2" X 1.03" Inches (107 X 30 X 25mm)
  • Made in India

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