Watch Opener Waterproof Watch Case Wrench with Wood Case

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This Waterproof Watch Case Wrench offers exceptional value while still meeting quality standards. It is made to open waterproof watch cases of all sizes. It features 3 pin slots and one set of interchangeable pins; 4 types of keys: round, flat, square and toothed. Replacement pins and other pin types are available. Measures 5 ½ inches in length.


  • Opens waterproof cases of all sizes
  • One set of pins for opening case backs
  • Pins open up to 34.0mm
  • Spare pin set is item number: 59.0791/1
  • Comes in a handy case
  • Product size 7.3" X 3.5" X 1.2" Inches (185 X 88 X 30mm)

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