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Watchmackers Dumont High Precision Tweezers S/S 4 3/8" #3C

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Choosing Watchmakers Tweezers, Buyers Guide Comparison Reviews 06:46

Need help finding the right tweezers for watch repair? Use this guide to learn how to compare watchmakers tweezers and a close look at the most commonly used tweezers for watchmaking. Find products shown in this video here: Buy watchmakers tools online here: Subscribe to our channel and get updates on new videos here:

  • Choosing Watch...
    Need help finding the right tweezers for watch repair? Use thi...

Product Description

Universally recognized as the world's finest maker tweezers, Dumont offers this line of unequaled excellence to users who need very best. From the finest raw steel to hand finishing and individual inspection, the name Dumont is your guarantee of perfection. They are particularly suitable for jewelers, watch repairs, electronics, laboratories, light industry, optical and camera assembly and repair.

#3c pattern tweezers are an excellent choice for handling very small parts. Shorter than the #3 tweezers, they are the most popular tweezers for watchmakers. They have tapered shanks with beveled edges and have very sharp tips.

Stainless tweezers feature tips that are harder than anti-magnetic stainless steel but softer than carbon tweezers. These are resistant to corrosion and rust.

  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • #3c pattern
  • Hard tips
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Susceptible to magnetism
  • Each Tip measures 0.0039" Inches (0.10mm)
  • Total Length 4.334" Inches (110mm)