Wes-Gem Plastic Ring Guards Refills - 3pc

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Wes Gem Plastic Ring Sizers makes Sizing a Snap

A inexpensive plastic ring guard is a great option to use on rings that will soon be permanently sized. For a ring that is too large to wear, a plastic ring guard can easily be snapped onto the band for an immediate fix. They act as a temporary solution to ring resizing. The plastic material will prevent any scratches or harm being done to a metal band. Another advantage of using a plastic ring sizer over a metal one is avoiding the possible irritation that can sometimes be caused by base metal versions of ring sizers. Those with sensitive skin can use a plastic ring guard to avoid a possible allergic reaction.

To determine the mm width of your ring/band measure the width of the lower portion of the ring (the area that is underneath your finger while wearing). You will want to make sure to order the correct mm width in order for the ring guard to fit your ring correctly. Once you know the mm width you can then order the plastic ring guard based on the mm width of the band and also pick out if your need a low, medium or high adjustment. 

Should I order a Low, Medium or Large?
Low: Sizes down about 1 finger size
Medium: Sizes down about  2 ½ finger sizes.
High: Sizes down about 4 finger sizes.

Refills are Sold in 3 pc. packages.




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