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Bergeon 4755 Watch Opener Tool Bergeon Case Opener Pry Type

Bergeon watch opener tool
Your Price: $32.90
Item Number: 4755

This lever type case opener was designed to make removing snap off watch case backs a breeze. One of the biggest benefits of this lever type opener is that it uses leverage instead of strength to open the watch back requiring only a minimal amount of effort on your part. The lever has a very fine edge that can easily slide under the case back tab for easy lifting and removing.  

  • Lever width 5 mm
  • Lever length 110 mm
  • Size 4 X 1 X 1" Inches (103 X 25 X 25mm)
  • Lever has a very fine edge
  • Swiss made

How To Open A Watch
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Product Reviews

(2 Ratings, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Beautiful object but the blade isn't thin enough to get into tight cases
Wena Poon (Austin, TX) 8/3/2014 10:09 AM
This is a beautifully made high quality tool that is strong enough for levering open a case. I'm sure it'll never break. However the edge of the blade isn't fine enough to actually get under the case of expensive snap-back watches if you want to open them to change the battery. It gets under some of the cheaper, mass-market watches, but the more expensive watches do not have a "break" in the edge for you to put this tool under, and therefore you can't pry it open with this. The only finer-edge thing than this tool is a very sharp, high quality, strong army knife blade, which beats this. I still can't get some watches open even with the knife blade (or this tool) because there is absolutely no space in the case back at all (it's that flush) to get any fine-edge tool into to pry it open.

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