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Casio CTL1616 Battery Solar Rechargeable Replacement Cells

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How to Change a CTL1616 Rechargeable Watch Battery in a Casio G-Shock 13:02

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Product Description

This 2.3 volt button cell is used in many different model Casio watches. This lithium battery is rechargeable with solar power and it is a high quality replacement battery with a very long life. Some popular Casio models that use the CTL1616 are the Pathfinder, Waveceptor, Atomic and of course the widely popular G-shock line. Also be aware that some of these watches require 2 replacement cells, like some of the Casio Atomics for example.

  • Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with solar rechargeable watches
  • 2.3 volts
  • Charge: 18 mAh
  • Performs in a wide range of temperatures from -20° C to 60° C
  • Has a shelf life of 10 years
  • Diameter: 16 mm
  • Thickness: 1.6 mm
  • Made in Japan
  • UL Approved

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**Note** All batteries should be handled with anti-static plastic tweezers, non-powdered gloves or Latex gloves. Static electricity and contaminants from your hands can damage the cell. Also, due to the low voltage of these cells, you should not use battery or voltage meters to test them.


Compatible with the following Casio watches (not all watches that take the cell may be listed):

G-Shock AWG100 G-Shock MTG960 Casio GW-9101K-7JR
G-Shock AWG101 Pathfinder PAG50 Casio GW-9100R-4
G-Shock G2800 Pathfinder PAG70 Casio GW-9125D-8
G-Shock G7300 Pathfinder PAG80 Casio GW-9100-1
G-Shock G7301 Pathfinder PAW1200 Casio GW-9200PJ-7
G-Shock GW002 Pathfinder PAW1300 Casio GW-9025C-1
G-Shock GW056 Pathfinder SPF70 Casio GW-9025A-1
G-Shock GW1400 Waveceptor FTW100 Casio GW-900J-1
G-Shock GW1500 Waveceptor WV300 Casio GW-900J-3
G-Shock GW300 Waveceptor WV301 Casio GW-900BJ-4
G-Shock GW330 Waveceptor WVA510 Casio GW-900RBJ-1
G-Shock GW410 Waveceptor WVQ500 Casio GW-900KJ-7JR
G-Shock GW500 Casio GW-9200RJ-4 Casio GW-600DJ-1
G-Shock GW530 Casio GW-9200J-1 Casio G-5500C-7
G-Shock GW5600 Casio GW-9200-1 Casio G-5500C-4
G-Shock GW600 Casio G-6900A-7DR Casio G-5500C-3
G-Shock GW610 Casio GW-500A-1V Casio GW-9000-1
G-Shock GW700 Casio GW-9102K-1 Casio GW-9000A-1
G-Shock GW800 Casio GW-9100P-7 Casio GW-9200MSJ-8
G-Shock GW810 Casio GW-9100K-7JR Casio GW-810D-1A
G-Shock MTG930 Casio GW-9125C-1 Casio GW-9100MB-1JF
G-Shock MTG950   Casio MTG-910DA-1V

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