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Drill Adaptor Chuck with 3/32" Shank

Drill Chuck Adaptor
Drill Chuck Adaptor
Your Price: $5.89
Item Number: 28.215

Nice quality, nickle-plated steel adaptor chuck has a 3/32" shank - ideal for use with a flexible shaft handpiece. It comes with two collets to hold bits from 0-2.40mm (drill size 80-42). Collets are changed easily with knurled screw chuck, which tightens smoothly and holds securely.

  • 3/32" inch shank (2.35mm)
  • Nickle-plated steel
  • Holds drill bits from 0-2.40mm (drill size 80-42)
  • Supplied with two collets
  • Length is 2-3/4" inches

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