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Genuine Harley Ronda Replacement Watch Stems

Harley Ronda watch stems
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These genuine Harley Ronda replacement watch stems are a must have for any watchmaker. A definite life saver, these watch stems are sold individually and come in the most common sizes of today so you will always have the right size stem on hand. Perfect for times when the current watch stem has been discontinued, cut too short, or broken off inside the movement. Simply select the stem from the drop down menu above.


Part # Caliber #:
401-1024 RON 3772, RON 3773, RON 3775, RON 3777, RON 3872, RON 3873, RON 3875, RON 3972, RON 3973, RON 3975, RON 3977
401-1233 RON 702, RON 703, RON 705, RON 706, RON 706.2, RON 706.3, RON 706.4, RON 706.5, RON 706.6, RON 706.7, RON 706.8, RON 708, RON 709, RON 715,  RON 772, RON 773, RON 774, RON 775, RON 778, RON 782, RON 783, RON 784, RON 785, RON 788
401-1237 RON 751, RON 752, RON 753, RON 756, RON 762, RON 763
401-1353 RON 1032

Replaces  401-1483

RON 502, RON 505, RON 509, RON 515, RON 517, RON 519, RON 503, RON 505-6, RON 507, RON 513, RON 515-6
401-1478 RON 1062, RON 1063, RON 1064, RON 1069

RON 582, RON 583, RON 585, RON 585-6

401-1574 RON 1042
401-1585 RON 1014, RON 1015, RON 1019
401-1588 RON 4120B, RON 4210B, RON 5010B, RON 5020B, RON 5030B, RON 5030D, RON 5040B, RON 5040D, RON 5040D, RON 5050B, RON 5050C
401-1589 RON 1003, RON 1004, RON 1005, RON 1006
401-1606 RON 6203B (3:00)
401-1607 RON 6004B, RON 6203B (4:00)


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