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Jewelry Making Hand Tool Set Jewelers Repair Kit

Your Price: $199.00
Item Number: 99.901

Here is a jewelry tool kit that will get you started in making, designing, and repairing jewelry fast. It contains the ESSENTIAL hand tools that jewelers use on gold, silver, platinum, copper, wire, and other materials in jewelry manufacturing. It even includes a torch and a half ounce of sterling silver solder for welding components and fixing jewelry. All the hand tools in this portable self-contained jewelry tool set are quality and used everyday by professional jewelers. This money saving kit comes complete with not only quality hand tools for just about any jewelry design, it also includes a tool box that contains extra storage room for other tools and supplies.

The portable self contained tool box measures 17.5 x 9 x 8" inches and has extra compartments for storage of tools, wire, solder, and other supplies.

Includes one each of the following unless otherwise noted:

  • Jewelers Saw Frame 49.720
  • Burnisher BRN-100.10
  • Cutting Shears 53.0917
  • Torch 14.213
  • Polishing Cloth 17.076
  • Pin Vise 58.218
  • Round Nose Pliers 46.422
  • Chain Nose Pliers 46.421
  • Third Hand 54.085
  • Saw Blades (Same quality and style as our 49.107 series)
  • Half Round Sanding Sticks (6) 11.0758, 11.0757, 11.0752, 11.0753, 11.0754, 11.0756
  • Divider 35.086
  • Needle File Handle 37.740
  • Soldering Disc
  • Scribe 52.946
  • Silver Solder Medium (1/2 ounce)
  • Bench Knife 39.0626
  • Half Round File 32.310
  • AA Tweezers 57.0301
  • Ring Mandrel MAN-255.00
  • Ring Clamp 48.125
  • Locking Tweezers 57.0373
  • Ball Pein Hammer HAM-430.08
  • Dapping Block 25.135
  • Needle File Set 33.893
  • Tool Box pkg-370.03

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