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Tube and Wire Cutting Jig Holder Miter Box

Your Price: $36.95
Item Number: 53.151


This easy to use tube cutting jig will assist you in cutting round tube, rod, wire, etc. The groove in the holder will center the item to be cut and the adjustable end stop offers excellent and accurate repeatability when you need multiple wire or tubes cut to the same length. This tube holder can be attached to the bench or held by a bench vise. Perpendicular 90 degree slots at the end assure straight cutting and the guide is perfect for making multiple cuts when doing production work where accuracy is key. Will fit tubes up to 0.50" inches (12.70mm) in diameter.

  • Cut round or square stock accurately every time
  • Works for cutting wire, tubes, rod, etc.
  • Adjustable end-stop for setting specific lengths to be cut
  • 90 degree miter slot to make perpendicular cuts that are easily repeatable
  • Fits up to 1/2" inch (12.70mm) diameter tubes

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