Ultra Flush Sidecutter Pliers 5 Inches Jewelry Tool

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This is an Ultra-Flush cutter and is perfect when a straight edge is needed, and great strength is not. The cutting edge is very fine to create a straight cut so in-turn it will not be able to cut through as thick of material. If more strength is needed look at our Flush Side Cutters. Max cut 2mm copper wire.

This cutter is made in Europe, offers the perfect answer to crafts, people who need strength in a precision side cutter. Jaws pass one another ever so slightly but do not touch, therefore do not dull as quickly as conventional cutters. Adding a safety clip to our precision European cutters keeps wire or other materials from flying when cut, minimizing waste. Create a clean smooth even cut for soldering jump rings.  Overall length is 5" (125mm).

  • Perfect for creating a straight edge
  • Do not dull as quickly as other cutters
  • Features a safety clip to keep wire from flying away when cut
  • Create a clean, smooth even cut for soldering jump rings
  • Maximum cut is 2mm copper wire
  • Made in France