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The Watch Repairer's Manual

Watch Repairers Manual
Watch Repairers ManualWatch Repairers ManualWatch Repairers Manual
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Item Number: 62.221

This book, written by Henry B. Fried, is frequently used as a textbook for courses in watch and clock repair because it covers practically all phases of watch repair. A special section devoted to troubleshooting makes this book doubly valuable. The 4th edition includes an additional six chapters on case setting and winding systems, motor barrels and jeweled main wheels, the Verge Fusee watch, repairing fusee chains, how to make a verge (staff), and the duplex escapement.

  • Authored by Henry B. Fried
  • Published in 1986
  • 4th Edition
  • 26 chapters, 456 page hard cover edition
  • Has an in depth glossary and appendices
  • 550 illustrations
  • Product size 9.3" X 6.3" X 1.6" Inches (235 X 160 X 40mm)

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