100 Pieces Rubber Finger Cots Elastic Guards Medium Size

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These rubber finger cots, cover just your fingers to make it possible for you to get all the benefit of rubber or latex gloves without having to wear the whole glove. The finger cots prevent you from contaminating your watch movement or anything else you may be working on with finger oils and grime. It also keeps your fingers clean when doing messier work, like using glue. You also have the advantage of wearing them on just one or two fingers, or your entire hand. These are sold in packages of 100 pcs and are size medium. Each package contains 2 sizes, regular and long, with about 33 long and 67 regular sized cots per package on average. Dimensions when laid flat are 47 x 24mm (long) and 43 x 24mm (regular) each size has the same width or diameter.

  • 100 pack of Rubber finger cots or finger stalls to protect your work piece and fingers from contamination
  • Size medium, fits most small and average sized hands, large hands may require a larger size
  • Includes 2 sizes, regular and long, with approximately 33 long and 67 regular sized cots per package
  • All cots have a width when laid flat of 24mm
  • Length of cots when laid flat are 47mm (long) and 43mm (regular)
  • Made in India