White Cotton Gloves Pack of 12

White Cotton Gloves Pack of 12
$5.95 - $7.49
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These 100% cotton gloves are made to protect jewelry, displays, and other precious items from natural acidity, fingerprints, and grease from your hands.

  • You can use them under rubber gloves to absorb wetness
  • Protecting products from fingerprints when doing inspection work or packaging
  • Working with Gems, Jewelry, Sterling Silver, crystal, and artwork
  • Choose from small, medium or large size
  • Package of 12
  • Softness and Comfort, non-hemmed cuff
  • 100% cotton gloves
  • Washable
  • Product size 8.1" X 4" X 0.1" Inches (204 X 102 X 1mm)