Artistic Wire Straightener Tool

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When wire has been taken off a coil or has been worked, it easily kinks and bends out of shape.  The hand held Artistic Wire Straightener allows you to quickly straighten your wire, and make use of bent wire you may have tossed to the side as scrap.  Anyone that has tried to straighten wire by hand before knows how difficult it can be, making this tool a no brainer when making wire jewelry and crafts.  It’s easy to use with very simply directions.  In one hand lay the wire in the center of the opened tool with enough length to grasp the wires end.  Close and wrap tool around wire.  With your other hand pull wire through closed tool to straighten.  If you would like a better grip on the wires end, use a nylon coated pliers to firmly hold the wire as you pull through.

  • Easy To Use
  • Nylon Roller Wire Artistic Wire Straightener Tool
  • Safe on all Artistic Wires including coated finishes.  
  • Sold Per Piece