AuRACLE AGT2 Android Connector Cable Female to Female USB Connector Adapter

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This connector cable is a USB adapter for use on Android model Auracle AGT-2 electronic gold testers. The cable is a female to female USB connector plug that will fit the male AGT-2 hub plug-in on one end and a male USB plug connected to an Android device on the other. This is typically used with USB data cables that allow Android devices to be plugged into the USB ports on computers for data transfer and may not have a standard USB input on-board. Instead of connecting the male USB plug to a computer, this adapter allows you to connect it to the Auracle AGT-2. Compatible with AGT-2 Android models only.

  • USB Cable connector for Android device; phone or tablet
  • Female to Female USB adapter connector
  • Allows user to connect AGT2 Hub to Android device using Male USB cable from Android device
  • Cable runs between AGT-2 control hub and device
  • Adapter plug measures 44.0 x 17.2 x 10.5mm