Beading Ruler Clear 12 inches Beads per Inch Gauge and Bead Diameter Gauge

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This is an excellent measuring device for the crafts person and for anyone who enjoys beading and jewelry making. The 12" / 30cm clear plastic ruler is designed specifically for beading work. The clear plastic design is very useful, it allows you to lay the ruler and its other built in gauges on top of the work piece so you do not have to try to align it up along the edge which can be difficult in some situations. Along with the standard inch and cm measures, the ruler incorporates a bead diameter gauge, allowing you to check and compare the diameter of beads from 2-20mm, and also features a beads per inch gauge for beads 2-10mm in size. This allows you to estimate the amount of beads, pearls or other round stones you will need for a necklace, bracelet or other project.

  • Clear plastic beading ruler measures lengths, bead diameters and amount of beads needed for necklaces and bracelets
  • Ruler has a 12" inch / 30cm (300mm) capacity
  • Ruler is constructed of clear plastic making measuring much easier as you can lay ruler on top of piece
  • Ruler features bead diameter comparison chart that ranges from 2-20mm
  • Ruler also features beads per inch gauge for beads from 2-10mm in diameter