Bergeon 1610 Thickness Feeler Gauge 0.05mm to 1.00mm

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20 blade folding feeler gauge for determining the thickness or space between parts. Useful for checking the distance between the watch case and the crown, also great for guitars, engines, and more. Each blade is marked with the size in mm in large font for easy identification. Sizes: 0.05mm to 1.00mm in 0.05mm increments. Folding unit to protect the blades when not in use can be unscrewed to remove and use blades individually. 

  • 20 blade feeler gauge for determining width/thickness
  • 0.05mm to 1.00mm in 0.05mm increments
  • Pre-oiled to prevent rust
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Can be removed and used individually