Bergeon 4039-P Synthetic Reversible Watch Movement Holder

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A movement holder is an essential tool for working on and repairing watch movements and you won't find a better made movement holder than the Swiss made Bergeon 4039-P. This Bergeon movement holder is incredibly versatile because it is reversible, so it will fit a wide range of movement sizes. It allows you to hold large watch movements from 9mm (3¾ ligne) to 25mm (11 ligne) in size. It is considered to be a classic by watchmakers. This is the exact same holder as the popular Bergeon 4039, only this is the synthetic version instead of a nickel finish. The synthetic material used in this holder is non-marring and will not scratch your work piece under normal use. Swiss made.

  • Synthetic Reversible movement holder
  • Holds watch movements from 3-3/4 ligne to 11 ligne or 9 mm to 25 mm
  • Sanded to remove rough edges and protect the movement
  • Measures 44 x 26 x 20mm
  • Swiss made