Bergeon 7720-5 Automatic Watch and Clock Oiler

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This Bergeon Automatic Watch and Clock Oiler is just the tool watchmakers need when it comes to oiling cap jewels or shock absorbing devices without removing them from the watch. It is also a perfect for other general oiling needs like working on small movements.  The no. 5 model is a drop-injection oiler used for train wheel pivots, cup bearings and everywhere the oiler has to be positioned before depositing oil.  All parts are interchangeable. Inside the oiler, oil is protected against dust.

The pen is fully automatic with a press of a button, you can place a minute particle of oil just where you want it. The needle, oil reservoir, and press button applicator make this oiler a quick way to oil watches anytime. These oil cups have been color coded to allow you to differentiate between your different needs. These are the best watch oil accessories you can buy. A high quality, Swiss made watchmakers tool.


  • Size 4.1" X 1.6" X 0.5" Inches (103 X 40 X 11mm)
  • Sold individually
  • High quality
  • Swiss Made

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