Easy Eyes Head Magnifier for Jewelry and Watch Repair

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The "Easy Eyes" Magnifier, says it all, it has four magnifications in one, ranging from 1.8x to 4.8x. This magnifier makes it easy to see fine objects and do precision inspection. It is suitable for all kinds of uses from jewelry work, crafts, reading, model making, bead stringing and even coin and stamp inspections. It features a Velcro® strap for quick and easy adjustments which makes this a one size fits all tool. The wide body even allows the user to wear glasses while using the Easy Eyes so this really is the most versatile economy magnifier you can find. The headband magnifier Keeps your hands free while enhancing your vision. The 3-level acrylic lens system which allows dual lens functionality provides a variety of magnification levels up to 4.8x using a combination of a 1.8x fixed lens, a flip down lens and a loupe style swivel lens. Magnifier assembly can be flipped up out of your way when not in use. For those who don't need the professional quality and price of an OptiVisor or MagnaVisor this is a good alternative option.

  • Comfortable and lightweight weighing only 2 ounces
  • Clear view with a wide angle of vision through the double lens
  • One size fits all, adjustable Velcro® brand strap makes adjustments quick and easy
  • Convenient to use and can be worn with eye glasses
  • One touch design, the magnifier is equipped 2 plate style lenses and a loupe lens that can swivel up or down, if the loupe is used magnification goes to 4.8x
  • Can be cleaned with mild detergent or alcohol
  • Product size 7.3" X 7.3" X 2.8" Inches (186 X 186 X 70mm)





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