OptiVisor Professional Magnifier Hands Free Headband for Jewelers and Watchmakers by Donegan - Select Magnification

OptiVisor Professional Magnifier Hands Free Headband for Jewelers and Watchmakers by Donegan - Select Magnification
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VISOR® is a precision binocular headband magnifier which permits unrestricted efficiency while reducing eye strain and allows for three dimensional vision. OptiVISOR® utilizes the highest quality lenses and components and is the only choice for true Professionals. Used by jewelers, hobbyists, Dentists, and in other industrial fields. It can be worn over prescription or even safety eyeglasses. The lightweight design is easily adjustable to fit any head size. The high quality professional grade lenses can be interchanged with other sizes to adjust working distance (focal length) and magnification (power). There are multiple attachments available to upgrade your Opti-Visor to better suit your needs including an LED light attachment (29.495 & 29.498), the OptiLoupe loupe attachment (29.480), the Happy Headband (29.503) and more. The OptiVisor is designed for comfort and ease of use with their quality lenses reducing eye strain and fatigue, the lightweight and balanced design making it excellent for long jobs, the quick adjustment and ability to tilt the visor up when not needed and many available attachments make this the number one headband magnifier available. Made in the USA.


  • This is a new Opti VISOR® with your choice of magnification plate you want
  • Available lenses (power / focal length): 1.5x @ 20" (DA-2), 1.75x @ 14" (DA-3), 2x @ 10" (DA-4). 2.5x @ 8" (DA-5), 2.75x @ 6" (DA-7) and 3.5x @ 4" inches (DA-10)
  • Optical Glass Prismatic Lenses - Ground and polished to precision optical standards - bevel edged and mounted in interchangeable plastic frame.
  • It Tilts - Adjustable pivots allow the visor to be tilted out of the way when not needed and at your fingertips when you need magnification.
  • Adjustable Headband - Conforms to fit all head sizes
  • It leaves both hands free allowing for full concentration on the task being performed
  • The frame is made of lightweight durable impact resistant materials
  • Can be worn over prescription or safety glasses
  • There are interchangeable lens plates so one visor can be used for multiple magnifications by interchanging lenses
  • Genuine Leather Comfort Band- Padded with orthopedic felt adds to comfort.
  • It is great for jewelers, hobbyists, seamstresses, artists, draftsmen, architects, pharmacists, doctors, and more
  • Can even be used for reading
  • Product size 9.5" X 7.8" X 1.9" Inches (242 X 200 X 49mm)