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Using a manual ring cutter can be tedious and time consuming work, our rotary powered electric ring cutter combines a cordless rotary power tool with a ring cutting tool to make a fast and easy to use automatic ring cutter. This ring cutter has a hardened steel alloy blade and is powered by a lightweight, cordless rotary tool. Made in France from the highest quality hardened steel, the ring cutter is heavy-duty and built to last. The power-assist cuts rings quickly and cleanly, with minimal discomfort whether on or off the hand. The standard steel blade included with the cutter can cut through most common ring materials like gold, silver and stainless It can also cut through harder materials like titanium if necessary with a little lube but this will wear the blade very quickly, for these materials we recommend upgrading to a diamond coated saw wheel. The 3.6v lithium battery powered rotary tool is lightweight and compact making it very easy to use. Its handle can be adjusted to multiple positions adding convenience and comfort. The ring cutter also includes the traditional "key" turn knob, so it can be used as a manual ring cutter as well. Replacement cutter blades are available separately along with diamond coated blades.

Be aware that you cannot use the standard blade to cut through any metals other than silver or gold. Metals like stainless steel and titanium need to be removed in other ways to prevent injury. Additionally, if at any point you feel uncomfortable attempting to use this tool, please go to a professional jeweler or contact a medical professional for help removing a ring that is stuck on someone's finger.

  • Can be used on rings on or off the finger
  • Cuts through most common jewelry metals like gold, silver, stainless and even titanium
  • Completely smooth blade guard protects the skin and blade from dulling
  • Ring cutter can be used with motor or manually with turn knob
  • Blade diameter measures .775" inch (20mm)
  • Includes hardened steel alloy saw wheel (replacement blade item # 48.192)
  • Diamond coated saw available separately (item # 48.182)
  • Cutter features lightweight cordless electric motor with safety features
  • Electric motor has an adjustable handle to be used in the most comfortable position
  • Electric motor is 3.6v and powered by a lithium battery
  • Battery charger (120v) included
  • Ring cutter measures 4.75" inches in length
  • Rotary Motor measures 9.5" inches in length (adjustable to 6.25" inches)

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