EuroLustre Fabulous Polishing Compound 1 lb Tube

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This classic polishing compound is identical to the famous brand with a new sleek look. Exceptional, special formula will remove light scratches and produce a mirror finish with no discoloration. For use on all types of precious metals plus brass and pewter. Its greaseless consistency ensures easy clean up with little or no residue. Eurolustre can be used a one-step polish if you just need to remove light scratches and clean the surface from tarnish or debris. Sold as a 1 pound tube; recommended buffs are fine muslin or soft cotton flannel, wool buffs may also be used. 

  • High luster final step polishing compound
  • Works in silver, gold, platinum, aluminum, steel, copper, brass and pewter
  • Removes light scratches
  • Produces mirror finish
  • Greaseless, no discoloration
  • Easy to clean
  • One pound tube
  • Made in USA