Foredom 12 Piece Polishing Buff and Brush Assortment

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12 piece set of brushes and buffs are used for polishing and buffing with a flex shaft motor or dremel tool. Set includes wheel, star and end brushes in three different textures; stiff chungking, firm horsehair, and soft goat hair. Also features felt and cotton buffs for buffing and polishing soft and hard metals, precious metals, wood, acrylic, and painted surfaces. All brushes are mounted on a 3/32" shank.

  • 12 piece polishing buff and brush set
  • Soft, firm, and stiff brushes in wheel, star and end brush styles
  • Great for cleaning and prepping surface to be polished
  • Felt and cotton buffs for final polish in variety of surfaces
  • Maximum 25,000 RPMs