Foredom Polishing Compound and Buff Set-Made in USA

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This convenient outfit covers finishing from scratch removal to final polish on platinum, gold, silver, and other metals. Includes three 4" 40 ply buffs: one coarse muslin buff, one fine muslin buff, and one loose finex muslin buff. Premium polishing compounds in set are tripoli, red rouge, and platinum white.  All contents are made in the USA.


  • Polishing kit with compounds and buffs
  • Three 4" buffs
    • Coarse Muslin (60 x 60 weave)
    • Fine Muslin (80 x 80 weave)
    • Loose finex muslin (80 x 80 weave)
  • Three polishing compounds: red rouge, tripoli, and platinum white
  • Great for gold, silver, platinum, and more