Foredom Flex Shaft Maintenance Kit MSMK-10 with Inner Sheath Motor Brushes and Grease Lubricant for Series Motors

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Foredom flexible shaft rotary motors require some replacement parts and lubrication periodically, this maintenance kit has everything you need to do a tube-up on your 1/6 hp revserible SR, SRB and SRM series Foredom flex shafts (Models also referred to as: M.SR, M.SRB and M.SRM respectively). The kit includes a replacement inner shaft (S-93), a pair of motor brushes (MP132P), flexshaft lubricant / grease 10006 (MS10006), and a highly detailed operation Manual and installation directions guide. Motor brushes are approximately 3/4" inch long and usually are replaced when they wear to 1/4" inch long. If the flex-shaft motor brushes are allowed to wear all the way down your motor will most likely need to be replaced, so these kits are highly recommended by us and the manufacturer, Foredom.

  • Foredom MSMK-10 flex shaft maintenance kit
  • Kit includes: 1 pair of motor brushes MP132P, flexible shaft S-93 (inner), Foredom flexible shaft grease MS10006 and detailed operational / service manual (with pictures)
  • Kit is compatible with: SR, SRB and SRM series 1/6hp reversible motors (115v or 230v)