Foredom K.1030 Portable Micromotor Kit

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Foredom K.1030 Portable Micromotor Kit

For high speed applications up to 30,000 rpm including light deburring of cast pieces, bright cutting in jewelry making and fine detailing in wood. Kit includes control box, handpiece with 3/32" collet, handpiece cradle, spare pair of motor brushes and collet changing wrenches.

Compared to flexible shaft machines, micromotors have less torque, however, their higher speed results in a comparable rate of material removal with a lighter touch. The simple cord connection between the handpiece motor and control box is another key advantage. Unlike the "drag" and general restriction in movement that you have with a shaft and sheath, micromotors offer much greater freedom of movement. Perfect for users who work at multiple stations, or for signing/personalizing work pieces at craft and outdoor fairs when no power is available. Run time is approximately 5 hours, depending on how long the micromotor is in continuous use when in battery mode, or plug it in for day-long use. Battery charge time is 3 hours.

This kit contains these main components:

  • HP4-310 Control Box - The pocket sized control unit with built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery features a digital RPM display at the top that makes it easy to monitor speed as you work. The dial on the front adjusts speed from 0 30,000 RPM.
  • H.MH-130 Handpiece  - The handpiece (motor) is small and lightweight but has plenty of power for fine detailing, polishing and even grinding on metal, wood, glass and many other materials. Its fan cooled, brush type continuous duty motor runs cool and vibration-free. It has permanently lubricated, shielded ball bearings that require no additional lubrication. The handpiece has a twist release rotary type collet for easy changes of 3/32″ shank burs.
The K.1030 Kit includes:

  • HP4-310 Control Box
  • H.MH-130 Handpiece with 3/32" (2.35mm) Collet 
  • HP4-933 Handpiece Cradle
  • HP8-306 Charger/adapter
  • Spare pair of motor brushes, collet changing wrenches
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in Korea

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