Foredom K.8301-307 Flex Shaft Kit with PepeTools Jump Ring Maker Set

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Jump rings are an integral part of jewelry making. They form connections and are used to make chains, jewelry and chainmaille. Foredom combined the K.8301 flex shaft set with a 307 Pepe Tools Jump Ring Maker. It is perfect for jewelers who want to produce hundreds of jump rings, accurately, quickly and safely. The flexshaft motor features 1/6 HP, hang up style M.SR runs in forward and reverse at speeds up to 18,000 rpm. Includes foot speed control and H.30 handpiece. Jump Ring maker has 20 mandrel ranging from 2.5 to 12mm; keyless winding chuck with handle, a coil holder and saw attachment designed for use with H.30 handpiece. Great for gold, silver, gold, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals in thin wire gauges.

  • Flexshaft kit with jump ring maker set
  • 1/6 Hp flexshaft motor with foot control and handpiece
  • Jump ring maker includes 20 mandrels from 2.5mm to 12mm
  • Wind coils and make jump rings quickly, safely and accurately
  • Set includes coil winder, coil holder, H.30 handpiece holder, saw attachment
  • Two year warranty on motor and foot control
  • Made in USA