GS Watch Crystal C Cylinder

Current Stock:

Here, you can find a replacement GS plastic crystal for practically every cylinder style crystal here. Simply check out the GS Watch Crystal catalog to find which fancy styled crystal you need and what the correct GS catalog number is.

This stock number is for plastic crystals that are cylinders and start with the letter "C"

Included in this category are the flat bottom cylinders CC, CF, CH, CN, CO, CQ, CR, CS, CT, CW, CX, and CY. And in the military curved bottom cylinders CMC, CMF, CMH, CMN, CMO, CMR, CMS, CMT, CMW, CMX, and CMY

  • Sold individually
  • Use the GS catalog number to order the size (example: CC 343)
  • Cylinder fancy crystals with flat or military curved lower edge
  • Available in 26 different styles
  • Available in hundreds of sizes and shapes
  • Men's and women's sizes
  • Scratches can be easily buffed out of plastic crystals
  • Replaces genuine watch crystals
  • GS Watch Crystal Catalog (by clicking this link, you will exit our website use your browsers back button to return to this page)

*Sizes are approximate as measurements may vary slightly by gauge.

 NOTE: Due to production issues, select crystals (shown below) are now very limited in quantity and price may be higher due to supply. 

           Crystals included are: CO 313-9, CO 328-34, CY 400-40, CS 825, CT 1193, CY 934, PA 464-51, PA 470, PA 460-10A, PA 482-10 and PA 482-75