Heavy Duty Soldering Tweezers Set of 4 with Copper and Cross Lock Tweezers

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A variety of tweezers types for your soldering and repair bench needs. Set includes a standard stainless tweezers, a serrated tip copper tweezers and 2 cross-lock tweezers (serrated and non-serrated). These heavy-duty tweezers will give you a great variety of options to complete any soldering job you may run into!


  • Straight, stainless steel cross-lock with serrated tips, 6-1/2" inches in length
  • Straight cross-locking with insulated fiber grip and serrated tips 6-1/4" inches in length
  • Straight utility tweezers with smooth, blunt medium points, overall length is 7" inches
  • Copper tweezers with broad, serrated tips