Herkules White Label Jewelry Saw blades per Dozen

Herkules White Label Jewelry Saw blades per Dozen
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This is a new set of 12 sawblades. Great for cutting metals and other hard materials. Manufactured to exacting tolerances for angle, size and cut of each tooth. The unique tempering process ensures consistent flexibility, long blade life and gives them their exclusive golden straw color. This golden straw color is your guarantee of receiving the world's finest saw blade. Uniformly set teeth reduce binding and breakage. Made of special alloy steel, making the blade last longer and stay sharper. Has rounded backs that make cutting curves easier. Made in Germany.

  • Saw blades measure approximately 5-1/8" or 130mm in length
  • Quality - Uncompromising manufacturing standards
  • Flexibility - So flexible, you can tie it in a knot
  • Tempered - Cuts faster and lasts longer
  • Precision - Exacting standards for angle size and cut of each too
  • Rounded back makes cutting curves easier
  • They have uniformly set teeth to reduce binding and breakage
  • Set of 12 saw blades

Herkules Saw Blade & Drill Size Reference Chart: