Horotec 4 Synthetic Ruby Cup Dip Oiler Stand with Oilers

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This four cup Swiss made oiler stand is made of heavy duty aluminum and includes 4 dip oilers. It features 4 separate oil containers made of synthetic ruby that will not absorb or contaminate other oils or oilers. Secure covers keep oils safe from dust and debris while the foam (located in the center of the oilers) absorbs extra un-used oil. Base has rubber pad which grips workbench surface to prevent slipping. This is a watch oiler stand that will last a watchmaker a lifetime as it preserves the life span of your oilers and protects them.

  • Sturdy oiler stand does not slip around on your bench
  • Set of 4 oilers included (our set #42.249)
  • Brushed / sanded finish
  • Four synthetic ruby oil cups
  • Replaceable foam pad located in center of oilers
  • Secure color coded covers keep oil clean