Horotec Rack Press Watch Case Opener with Red Suction Die Set

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This professional rack-press is equipped with one case holder and seven suction dies for opening and closing watches with screw-on back. With the inclusion of the suction dies, no metal-on-metal contact happens to eliminate the rick of scratching. The case holder is made of high adherence red synthetic material that conforms to hold in place all types of watches without putting pressure on crowns or pushers. Press features two handles that can be declutched to get the desired angle of position - one lets you lower or lift the die for better control of the pressure applied and the other handle lets you unscrew/screw the case back.

  • Rack type watch case press
  • Includes red suction dies
  • Sizes are: 16, 20, 23, 26, 30, 34, and 40mm
  • Removable case holder
  • Suction case holder conforms to watch shape
  • No scratches with no metal-on-metal contact
  • Two handles allows for precise adjustment and pressure control
  • Made in France

*To keep good suction, be sure to regularly clean the dies of any grease or dust.