Horotec Reverisble Delrin Dies for Fitting Flat Mineral Glass Crystals 8 piece Set

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These delrin dies are specially made by Horotec for their watch case press line. The delrin, a type of nylon, dies offer a very strong, hard, non-marring die that won't scratch your watch back or crystal. The delrin dies are constructed with threaded brass centers so the dies easily screw onto the case press. The set includes 8 reversible dies for fitting flat mineral glass crystals up to 46mm in diameter. Set comes well packaged in a padded box with form fitting foam and are Swiss made.

  • Reversible dies included: 16, 17/22, 23/28, 29/34, 35/40, 41/46mm
  • Set inludes: 1 universal die, 1 die with cutout for date crystal (35mm)
  • Non-marring delrin (nylon), won't scratch
  • Threaded brass centers fit Horotec presses with 6mm male thread post
  • Reinforced metal core for extreme pressure
  • Swiss made