Horotec Snap On Case Back Remover Watch Pry Type Case Opener

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This watch case back opener and remover was designed to remove snap-on pressure type case backs easily with very little expended effort. Simply set the watch case in the holder and line the tab up with the blade, and then tighten the holder until the blade is pressed under the lip of the case back so it starts to pry open the watch case. Then you should gently apply pressure to the lever and let it do the work of popping the watch back off. It opens cases so quickly and easily that it is a terrific value worth every penny. Includes 2 blades which are reversible if they become dull or damaged.

  • Pry type / snap-on watch case back remover
  • Includes 2 reversible blades
  • Non-marring vise to hold watch in place

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