Horotec Swiss Made Deluxe Case Knife Watch Back Opener Right Handed

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The Swiss made Horotec "Case Knife" case opener will open watch backs with ease. The over-sized handle is an ideal size to fit comfortably in your hand and give you the power to pry off snap backs on watches. Its ergonomic, specially designed handle provides a superior grip and "torque" to remove the toughest case back. It also has a hardened steel blade with precision bevel which is replaceable. The lightweight handle is made of solid aluminum and balanced to reduce the risk of damage during removal. The blade is held in place with three hex screws that are secured in the solid metal handle. Once you have this tool in hand, you will feel the quality and precision it offers. Our Horotec case knife includes a hex wrench which is needed to replace the blade.

  • Over-sized ideal for power
  • Knurled grip with satin finish
  • Balanced and comfortable
  • Replaceable blades available
  • Includes hex wrench for changing the blade
  • Supplied with right-handed blade only
  • Swiss Made 

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