Individual Hytrel "I" Watch Gaskets for Glass Crystals

Individual Hytrel "I" Watch Gaskets for Glass Crystals
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These "I" watch crystal gaskets are a great replacement gasket for watchmakers and others who work on watches and replace watch crystals. These round gaskets are made of nylon-plastic to create an airtight seal that prevents water from entering the watch case and to hold the crystal gently and firmly. The nylon gasket will compress and use friction to hold the crystal in place. Since these gaskets are available in various sizes, you should definitely be able to find a correct match for the gasket you need to replace. Outside diameters are approximate as cases and crystals can vary slightly.

  • Popular nylon-plastic gaskets
  • Helps maintain an airtight seal
  • Thickness is .45mm
  • Height is .90mm
  • Gaskets are fit to the crystal size
  • Refills are sold individually
  • Refills are available in sizes 8.5mm to 35.5mm in 1/2 and whole sizes