Jewelry Loupe and Watchmaker Loupe Standard Plastic 2.5x to 10x Set of 5

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This pocket size loupe has distortion free lenses. The shape of this eye loupe allows it to rest comfortably in the eye socket for hands-free use. It is economical with ground and polished lens set in a lightweight black plastic frame. Can also be used with a headspring for an inexpensive hands-free head mounted magnifier. Loupe magnifiers have a 22mm lens diameter and 33mm diameter eye-piece opening.

  • Large 22mm plastic loupes allow for easy hands-free viewing of small parts
  • Great for watch repair, jewelry design and more
  • Lens magnification included: 2.5x, 3x, 5x, 7x and 10x
  • Lens measures 22mm in diameter
  • Eyepiece opening measures 33mm in diameter
  • Height of loupe (distance between lens and eyepiece) measures 28mm
Magnification Focal Length
2.5x 4"
3x 3.5"
5x 2"
7x 1.5"
10x 1"